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Our SMI Cold Therapy Shoulder Wrap goes on top of, or underneath, clothing to effectively penetrate the area to provide comfort and relief from pain and/or swelling. Two frozen gel bags enclosed in a white, antimicrobial bandage layer stay firmly in place. Two additional gel bags are included to ensure you always have a set of frozen gel bags ready to go when you need it most. See below for more information. Made in the USA. One size fits most. Includes 1 Wrap & 4 Gel Bags.

Man Working out wearing a SMI Shoulder Wrap
SMI Cold Therapy Compression Shoulder Wrap
Bartender wearing a SMI Shoulder Wrap
SMI Shoulder Wrap - Backside



Versatile Design

  • Versatile design provides support, compression, cold therapy and/or heat therapy to both the front and back shoulder areas to target pain/swelling
  • Balanced weight for comfort and compression
  • Designed for self-application if necessary
  • Allows full mobility while being used
  • Common uses: Post-operative pain & swelling relief, physical therapy, sports injuries and chronic pain relief
  • Antimicrobial liner that wicks moisture
  • Latex-Free

Good for:  Rotator Cuff Injury  •  Shoulder Dislocation  •  SLAP Tear  •  Subacromial Impingement

SMI Cold Therapy Shoulder Wrap

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Features & Benefits

100% Mobility

Not tethered to any cooler or ice bags allowing for freedom of movement while wearing

Strong Compression

4-way stretch for effective compression & fit means the wrap stays in place while moving

Cold 4 Hours

Non-toxic gel bags mold perfectly to the targeted area & cool for up to 4 hours


Moisture wicking fabric keeps condensation away for comfort - won't harbor harmful bacteria


Gel pouch liners are antimicrobial & wick away moisture, keeping skin dry & protected

Stretch Straps

Extra wide proprietary straps hold wrap in place for ambulation

Use Instructions

SMI offers 3 types of proven therapies in one easy-to-use product: 


Also known as Cryotherapy, Cold Therapy is used mainly for joint pain and aches. It reduces blood flow to the area of the body to which it’s applied. This reduces the inflammation that leads to pain and can also temporarily reduce nerve activity. Additional effects include controlling hemorrhage, preventing edema (swelling) and blocking pain receptors.


Heat Therapy is used mainly for muscle pain and aches. It helps improve blood flow and circulation to an injured area and helps to relieve discomfort while improving muscle flexibility for recovery. Heat Therapy can also heal damaged tissue. Heat causes vasodilation of the blood vessels, which increases blood flow to the area of application. This in turn, increases the amount of oxygen, nutrients and white blood cells delivered to the body tissues. In addition, vasodilation assists in the removal of waste products from injured tissues.


Compression Therapy uses controlled pressure to increase blood flow to certain areas and improve blood flow to the heart. It supports veins and decreases edema (swelling). Compression Therapy is found to be the most effective when it’s combined with movement.



Get Relief

Made for Your Shoulder

Our Shoulder Wrap is customized specifically for your shoulder area. That means it fits, it stays put and your pain is on its way out!

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